How does Amazon get away with it?

We don’t sell a lot on Amazon as we tend to sell directly to people we have met in person. So I was shocked and horrified to discover false reviews on Amazon by someone pretending to be a customer of ours. It has undoubtedly cost us sales, but fortunately one of our customers alerted us to the issue and we are pursuing this with Amazon.  The Amazon review was inaccurate and the person who put it on has obviously never been near a THREEDY 3D printer, is not a customer of ours and is recommending an inferior machine.

If you do have any questions regarding the technical specification of a THREEDY machine, do speak with us. We are always happy to demonstrate our machines and talk with you.  If you are a serious buyer we will send you print samples and you are welcome to visit us to see the machines in action and decide for yourself.

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