Footy Boats

This week we have been 3D Printing Footy Boats.

FootyBoatMore info on Footy Boats here!

Our THREEDY 3D Printers will be printing these and more at the London Model Engineering Exhibition this weekend, where we will also be printing with Carbon Fibre. Simon and team are looking forward to chatting with people about 3D printing – whether you are new to 3D Printing or after some more tips / information about our fantastic THREEDY 3D Printers – come and say hello if you are there!

One thought on “Footy Boats

  1. The exhibition was great Simon and others and I am looking forward to receiving my BIG 3D Threedy Printer and trying to print coaches for my garden railway, and model boats.

    Your Footy Boat also looks great fun and I hope to build on for each grandson we have and one for me and another friend who know all about the sparse for the sails and rigging .

    Kind regards

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