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Ultram Generic, Ultram High Dosage

Thank you for all who came to and gave talks / demonstrations at this event last weekend. We are sure you will all agree that it was a fantastic day!

Highlights of the day included James Dalgety’s automated bridge card dealing machine, Ollie Sovary-Soos putting impossible objects into bottles, a flying shark, Adrian Fisher’s mazes and drone, Alison’s talk on Einstellen chess problems, finding out the answer to how to make ¬£million by Solving Infinity (“it involved a bit of luck”), some interesting shapes and a bit of magic.

There was so much going on! I am sure we have missed some out, so please don’t feel offended if we haven’t mentioned you! Perhaps comment on this post to let us know what was your favourite part of the day?

Thank you Donald Bell for sending us your photos (many of which we have used here!) If anyone else has any good pictures, please send them to us!

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Here is a list of the talks / demonstrations. Thank you to all who contributed

  • Tetrahedrons made easy : Simon Bexfield
  • Curious & Interesting Triangles : Donald Bell
  • Tower of Hanoi & Gray Codes : Bob Huxley
  • Palago : Mark Jenkin-Rees
  • The Samaritani Formula : Adam Atkins
  • Automata & Bridge tables : James Dalgety
  • Amazing Mazes : Adrian Fisher
  • Extreme Puzzles : Tim Rowett
  • Magic : Jerry Sadowitz & Casper
  • Impossible Objects : Ollie Sovary-Soos
  • Self-assembling Puzzles : Anthony Steed
  • Mind bending chess : Alison Bexfield
  • 3-D combinatorial puzzles -“It’s a Wrap” : Michael Dowle
  • Rattlebacks : David Singmaster
  • Neuro Science & Mathematics : Simon Nightingale
  • Solving Infinity, the Infinity Puzzle: Alex Selby

Please let us know if you would like an invitation to next year’s event!

2 comments on “G4G Celebration of Mind (Letchworth) 2015 – A Great Success
  1. Michael Dowle says:

    The event was highly successful because of the variety of subjects/demonstrations covered during the day. Many initiated interactive discussion.

    Please invite me to next year’s event.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Pleased you enjoyed it. We have had a lot of requests for next year – so watch this space! Yes, of course you will be invited!

Ultram Generic, Ultram High Dosage