How to set up Cura for a Threedy Printer

You will need:

Cura installed to your pc.
You can download the latest version of Cura for your system here.

“Cura_4.7_THREEDY Machine settings.3mf” file to import the standard THREEDY printer machine settings.
“PLA.xml.fdm_material” to import THREEDY PLA printing settings.

The files are contained in the zip file below.

To import the settings for a Threedy printer you must unzip the project (.3mf) and material profile file and load them in Cura.
First load the project:
File>Open File(s)>Cura_4.7_THREEDY Machine settings.3mf

and select “Create new” in the drop down boxes.

The project file will also import material settings for Threedy ABS.
To add Threedy PLA:
Preferences>Configure Cura…
and select “Materials” on the left hand side of the window and then press the “Import” button.

Finally browse to and open the “PLA.xml.fdm_material” file.

Now you are all set and can start printing!