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Why introduce 3D printing to schools?

  • 3D printing is an established industrial technology, which is now becoming more main stream and accessible
  • Equipping students to unders100_C2849tand and be able to use this technology will not only stimulate and engage them, but will also prepare them for a world where new opportunities using 3D printing are opening up all the time.
  • Prepare students for the impact of the new design paradigms.
  • A greener way of manufacturing – making genuinely useful items close to where they will be needed.
  • A 3D printer is a fantastic attraction to have on display at your school open days and events.
  • The printer is great for printing badges, and small awards for many events- Phone us for ideas.
  • A great fundraising tool: print lithographs of your school or the students, personalised tags, personalised sports days medals… your students will have many more fantastic ideas about what they can print for raising funds

Let your students build a 3D printer for the school. threedy_oval-1 printer kits are the ideal project for STEM club students.

  • Students enjoy building the printer (& learn a lot in the process)
  • Your school acquires a high quality printer for continuing use across the curriculum.
  • Showing use of multiple materials.
    This includes the benefits of using WOOD for the frame, It is durable, very stable and extremely green.
    Metals for the very hard wearing parts.
    PLASTICS for the difficult to make parts.

“This is a fantastic project for the students to get some real hands-on engineering experience. With everything included, we could get on with making straight away, rather than hunting for tools and the correct size bolts.
Matt Fradley, Head of Physics, St. Francis’ College

Example of A Level Project Using THREEDY 3D Printer

A Level Physics Students from St Francis’ College built a THREEDY 3D Printer from kit and then used in in their entry for the National Engineering Competition for Girls. They used THREEDY to print a prosthetic hand. Much more information is available on their website here.


Fantastic project! Well done to you all. Congratulations for your achievement in the competition

Integrating 3D printing into the curriculum

  • discover the properties of plastics
  • build molecular models
  • explore programming and electronics
  • build your own 3D printer
  • create design prototypes and refine these
  • show why matrix transformations are useful
  • print out geometric shapes to explore areas and volumes

The threedy_oval-1 3D Printer is available in kit form, or assembled and ready to use ‘out of the box’. We offer leasing options and full support services. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements.