Cyclone Triple Lift Triple Track Marble Machine

What fun! One of our engineering customers has taken time off from business to print a marvellous fun object.

It is the “The Cyclone: triple lift, triple track marble machine” , by mroek, published 

It can be found at:

This one was printed in PETG and took about 23 hours to print and stands a fraction short of 160mm high.


Did you see our Threedy 3D printers at the TCT show in Birmingham?

We spent three days at the TCT show demonstrating our Threedy 3D printers.  It was good to catch up with some of our customers and meet new ones. There are lots of new and interesting plastics coming onto the market. We will be testing them over the next few weeks.  For the first time ever we did not take Old Faithful, (our final prototype Threedy machine). It is still going strong and is coming up to around 20,000 hours of running. Instead we were showcasing some of our newer, bigger machines which now include wi-fi connections making file transfer much easier.

How does Amazon get away with it?

We don’t sell a lot on Amazon as we tend to sell directly to people we have met in person. So I was shocked and horrified to discover false reviews on Amazon by someone pretending to be a customer of ours. It has undoubtedly cost us sales, but fortunately one of our customers alerted us to the issue and we are pursuing this with Amazon.  The Amazon review was inaccurate and the person who put it on has obviously never been near a THREEDY 3D printer, is not a customer of ours and is recommending an inferior machine.

If you do have any questions regarding the technical specification of a THREEDY machine, do speak with us. We are always happy to demonstrate our machines and talk with you.  If you are a serious buyer we will send you print samples and you are welcome to visit us to see the machines in action and decide for yourself.

London Model Engineering Exhibition 2017

London Model Eng ShowWe had a fantastic (if slightly exhausting!) weekend at Alexandra Palace. Once again, the London Model Engineering Exhibition was a well attended and well organised event.

It was great to see lots of our previous happy customers as well as new faces.

Alexandra Palace 2017


As always, we enjoy hearing about what you’ve been using your THREEDY 3D Printers for as well as showing off our own projects! We heard about school students printing parts for their Design & Technology projects, model enthusiasts printing railway trucks, printing moulds for castings for larger engineering projects and much more.

Many of you were asking about our Training Days. We will confirm dates for future trainings soon. Please contact us if you are interested and we will keep you informed. We tailor our sessions to the needs of the attendees and if you’d prefer us to come to your group or school we would of course be happy to arrange that.

Footy Boats

This week we have been 3D Printing Footy Boats.

FootyBoatMore info on Footy Boats here!

Our THREEDY 3D Printers will be printing these and more at the London Model Engineering Exhibition this weekend, where we will also be printing with Carbon Fibre. Simon and team are looking forward to chatting with people about 3D printing – whether you are new to 3D Printing or after some more tips / information about our fantastic THREEDY 3D Printers – come and say hello if you are there!

THREEDY 3D Printer Training Day January 2017

Would you like to learn about getting the most out of your THREEDY 3D Printer? 

Come to our next THREEDY 3D Printer Training Day in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire 

on Wednesday 11th January 2017

The hands-on interactive training day will cover:

  • Printer basics
    Printing with various materials including ABS, PLA, nylon, carbon fibre
    Effects of printing at different temperatures
    Benefits of orientating the print object on the printer
    Printing large and small objects
  • Printer settings
    An overview of different slicing options and slicers and the printing process
    Printer speeds and how they affect the final printed objects
  • An overview of popular design software
    including SketchUp, OpenScan
    using PhotoToMesh for generating cylindrical and spherical photo lithophanes
  • Tricks and tips for better printing
  • Interesting school & hobby projects

The cost for the day will be £150+VAT* per person. Refreshments and lunch will be included. Printers and materials provided.
*Course attendees will receive a £125 discount off any THREEDY 3D Printer purchased within six months of the course date

Would you like to book a place? email


Letchworth Model Railway Exhibition

A slightly belated post to say

firstly: thank you very much to Letchworth Model Railway Society for giving us the opportunity to attend their 2016 exhibition in November.

secondly: thank you to the Austrial Railway Group for freeing up space for us (although we are of course sorry that you were not able to attend!)

It was great being able to exhibit our THREEDY 3D Printers so close to home. We had fun printing and chatting about 3D printing railway related items – loco sheds, bogeys etc. We hope that our demonstrations showed what they are capable of and how useful they can be in creating your models.

If you are interested in using a 3D printer to create some of your models – whether for model railway or any other purpose – please do get in touch. We are always happy to have visitors to come and see our THREEDY 3D Printers in action and answer any questions you may have about 3D printing. Contact us if you’d like to arrange to visit – or if you would like to arrange for us to attend an event you are running.

Preparations are now underway for our next model engineering event – the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace 20-22 January 2017.


Carbon Fibre 3D Printing

We are getting some great results using our THREEDY 3D Printers to print with carbon fibre (carbon fibre filled plastic filament)

After some tweaking, the resulting prints are incredibly strong. It does not crack when screws are screwed in through it. Even with considerable force applied, no shearing is occuring between the layers.

G4G COM Letchworth 2016… It’s almost here!

gathering-for-gardnerPreparations are well underway here for our Gathering 4 Gardener Celebration of Mind event, which we are hosting in Letchworth Garden City this Saturday.


photoWe have lots of interesting talks lined up, including:

  • 2016
  • Chains
  • Blowing Up Buildings
  • Magic
  • Interesting Finds
  • Oddities & Eventies
  • How Hard Is A Puzzle?
  • The Problems of Abbot Albert
  • Alien Autopsy
  • My Favourite Interview Question

It isn’t too late if you’d like to add yours – we still have a couple of slots left for five minute talks / presentations; anything related to maths, science, puzzles & magic. Contact Simon if you’d like to be included.