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Covid-19 Update April 21

We have started producing PPE Visors for the wonderful people working at our local NHS hospitals.
We are using the excellent model made by 3DVerkstan which is already being utilised around the world and which you can read further about here.
Their design is well judged and elegant – a good amount of give in the arms and hooks at the back which are easy to get hold of.

Two 3DVerkstan visors in Simplify3D slicing software

Once printed, the frame just needs to be attached to a piece of clear flexible plastic (we are currently using 150 micron acetate) with hole-punches.

Several Threedy owners are printing these nonstop.
Below is the GCode to print an a Threedy.

The GCode will work with a Threedy printer using a 0.4mm nozzle and ABS filament.
If you have a larger Threedy with a rectangular print bed you can print the 2x version. Otherwise print 1x.

We will be updating with more options shortly.

Covid -19 Update April 2

Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak we intend to remain open for business.

We are self isolating and have been for over a week.

We have a printing facility and have spare capacity of a 1000+hours printing a week, we are offering this to support the any local NHS requirement. Please contact us as we can manufacture almost anything.

We hold considerable stocks of materials, ABS and PLA.

Our design team are in the UK. Our manufacturing is in the UK. We can design pretty much anything at short notice.

The prototyping and short run manufacturing side of the business should not be effected by the coronavirus.

For the THREEDY PRINTER side of the business, we manufacture in the UK and also hold stock. Our support is also in the UK. We have email, telephone support and of course real world physical support.

Throughout these uncertain times ahead, we shall remain open for business.

Our watch words are “Stand steady at the helm”.

We are a small company and prefer telephone and email as contacts.

April 2 2020

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Threedy Printers are in their 8th year.

I am delighted to say that through trials and tribulations we are in our 8th year. We have customers who bought in 2013 who are still running the machines, which is very pleasing to us . We built in reliability and we always will.

Our current THREEDY printers still look similar but there have been many subtle and substantial improvements over the years.

We very grateful to our customers and suppliers who have and still do support us.

A level 4 Menger Sponge sliced on a plane through the mid-point and perpendicular to the long diagonal (130mm ‘cube’)

The Szilassi polyhedra was a giveaway. A 7-sided shape where each face shares an edge with every other face

and a slection of twist together tetrahedra – the only other known shape where all faces share edges with eachother.

We have some of these available in our shop as well as our great stocking fillers the one way arrows.

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Support & FAQs

FAQ : Find answers to common questions to help get you started.

Blog : Read about what we are doing with our THREEDYs as well as tricks and tips. Feel free to leave comments and questions there…

Email : Can’t find an answer using any of the above? Send us an email!

Phone : Call us on 01462 684648

Snail mail : Although we are a high tech business we recognise that some still prefer traditional methods of correspondence. Write to us at the address at the bottom of this page if you need your questions answered in weeks rather than days or hours.

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We think that THREEDY 3D Printers are fantastic 3D printers – affordable, reliable, accurate, high-precision desk-top 3D printer. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of THREEDY’s customers have to say:

Blue THREEDY“I believe that your product performs better, and to me, that is key, even though THREEDY doesn’t look as good as other products such as Cubex and the Dremel Idea Maker” A specialist in the field

A 3D Printer which is so well supported. I have had one of these machines for nearly a year and have enjoyed designing and printing so many things. THREEDY are very supportive and quickly answer questions by email. I have no reservation in recommending the unit to you even if new to 3D printing and you should have it working and printing your creation soon after its arrival” Charles Darley

“I’ve really enjoyed building the THREEDY Printer. It’s given me an opportunity to explore how mechanical and electronic engineering can be combined in a really interesting project. It’s also great to put on your UCAS reference!”  Jane, Year 13 Physics Student (applying to do Engineering at University)

School Kit“This is a fantastic project for the students to get some real hands-on engineering experience. With everything included, we could get on with making straight away, rather than hunting for tools and the correct size bolts.” Matt Fradley, Head of Physics, St. Francis’ College

“I am a precision engineer and this is a quality productAnother of THREEDY’s happy customers

“Thank you for running the sample prints for us. I’m very pleased with the items. They compare well with the same sample we had done on a Stratasys Mojo. We’ve been looking for a reliable machine with low running costs for some time and I think we may have found it.” Model component suppliers

“I’ve managed to build and start using the THREEDY printer and it’s been working absolutely greatJC

“I and the boys are having a great time with the printer” BA, H School

“The printer is working well, it gets used for our weekly 3D print club. You were very good to me when I was setting up. The kids really get something out of the whole experience” JP, St A School

If you are interested in THREEDY 3D Printers please contact us and ask for a demonstration.