Footy Boats

This week we have been 3D Printing Footy Boats.

FootyBoatMore info on Footy Boats here!

Our THREEDY 3D Printers will be printing these and more at the London Model Engineering Exhibition this weekend, where we will also be printing with Carbon Fibre. Simon and team are looking forward to chatting with people about 3D printing – whether you are new to 3D Printing or after some more tips / information about our fantastic THREEDY 3D Printers – come and say hello if you are there!

Carbon Fibre 3D Printing

We are getting some great results using our THREEDY 3D Printers to print with carbon fibre (carbon fibre filled plastic filament)

After some tweaking, the resulting prints are incredibly strong. It does not crack when screws are screwed in through it. Even with considerable force applied, no shearing is occuring between the layers.

Back To School

The children were back to school this week. In preparation (and with hope of increasing the chance that they will return home with their own belongings) THREEDY 3D Printed these personalised name tag labels.

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3D Printing Impossible Objects

img9When metagrobologist David Singmaster gave his talk on Impossible Grilles at MathsJam 2015, it inspired Simon to print some of these “impossible objects” using the THREEDY 3D Printer he happened to have to hand. puzzlegrill

Whilst travelling around medieval cities, particularly during Italian holidays, David observed the heavy grills over windows of buildings. Many years ago, he noticed that the bars at the centre formed a pattern which seemed to be impossible to assemble. This “impossible” grill pattern is also depicted in M.C. Escher’s Belvedere print.

David later saw that this central area could be assembled by a simultaneous converging process but the pattern continues and this made his idea fail. David showed his idea to James Dalgety, who proceeded to make an example from heavy wire; David then saw how to assemble the whole pattern easily.


The grill rods are printed individually, then slotted together – simple as that!

A belated thank you to David Singmaster for his inspiring talk.


Ambiguous Cylinders on the West Highland Way

Simon and his family enjoyed their summer holiday walking the West Highland Way – yes, all 96 miles of it. IMG_20160823_133906IMG_20160831_112800Greetings to the physicists from University of Munster, with whom we shared these Ambiguous Cylinders. The ambiguous cylinders were printed on a THREEDY 3D Printer, with kind permission from Kokichi Sugihara. This illusion was designed by Kokichi Sugihara and won second prize in the Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2016. More info (and other fantastic illusions) can be found on his website.


THREEDY Developments

Our R&D Department have recently been working on a few upgrades to the THREEDY 3D Printer.

We now have new rubber (& THREEDY branded) heatbeds. IMG_0084Final testing is underway and they are working well. Quicker to heat up and better consistent heating. Give us a call if you want to know more about the technical details!

IMG_0083Tired of not knowing where we had left our SD cards, Richard has designed this handy THREEDY SD Card holder. If you would like to print your own, please ask us to send you the FREE stl file. IMG_20160811_120656750

Our Cardiff branch are currently working on software updates…watch this space!

Model Railway 3D Prints

Here are some photographs sent in by one of our THREEDY customers of his models, which are composed almost entirely from parts printed on his THREEDY 3D printer.

These models will be displayed on the new Gauge 1 Yorkshire Group portable track at the National Model Engineering & Modelling Exhibition 2016 in Doncaster 20th to 22nd May and they will also be appearing at the Gauge 1 Yorkshire Group‘s show in Bakewell, Derbyshire on July 16th.

Photograph by Peter Vincent


Photograph by Peter Vincent

We will also be at both of the above shows, demonstrating our THREEDY 3D Printers. So come along, see these fantastic models and have a chance to see our printers in action. We look forward to seeing you there!