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Footy Boats

This week we have been 3D Printing Footy Boats. More info on Footy Boats here! Our THREEDY 3D Printers will be printing these and more at the London Model Engineering Exhibition this weekend, where we will also be printing with

Carbon Fibre 3D Printing

We are getting some great results using our THREEDY 3D Printers to print with carbon fibre (carbon fibre filled plastic filament) After some tweaking, the resulting prints are incredibly strong. It does not crack when screws are screwed in through

Back To School

The children were back to school this week. In preparation (and with hope of increasing the chance that they will return home with their own belongings) THREEDY 3D Printed these personalised name tag labels. Threedy 3D Printers – Timeline |

3D Printing Impossible Objects

When metagrobologist David Singmaster gave his talk on Impossible Grilles at MathsJam 2015, it inspired Simon to print some of these “impossible objects” using the THREEDY 3D Printer he happened to have to hand.  Whilst travelling around medieval cities, particularly during Italian

Ambiguous Cylinders on the West Highland Way

Simon and his family enjoyed their summer holiday walking the West Highland Way – yes, all 96 miles of it. Greetings to the physicists from University of Munster, with whom we shared these Ambiguous Cylinders. The ambiguous cylinders were printed on a THREEDY

THREEDY Developments

Our R&D Department have recently been working on a few upgrades to the THREEDY 3D Printer. We now have new rubber (& THREEDY branded) heatbeds. Final testing is underway and they are working well. Quicker to heat up and better

Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth II

Happy Birthday Your Majesty This Royal Vase was printed by one of our THREEDY 3D printers a couple of years ago (at the 3D Print Show London, 2014). We thought it appropriate for today’s special occasion! Printed in a brilliant

Model Railway 3D Prints

Here are some photographs sent in by one of our THREEDY customers of his models, which are composed almost entirely from parts printed on his THREEDY 3D printer. These models will be displayed on the new Gauge 1 Yorkshire Group

Make My Dreams Come True

Following on from our previous post, here is our newest THREEDY Self Construct Button © Please follow us:

Bathkes, Bexahedrons & Triakis Truncated Tetrahedrons

Simon is back from Atlanta, having had a great time at G4G 12 Several THREEDY 3D printers spent a couple of days batch printing 1000 shapes for Simon’s G4G 2016 Exchange: an introduction to Join-The-Dot-Geometry™   Please follow us: