Royal Garden Party

Well nothing really to do with the business, but I do feel honoured to  have been invited to a garden party even as a significant other!

Perhaps one of the wetter and colder Garden Parties, but beautifully organised and very interesting. It’s rather fun choosing the cakes and sandwiches, which were of course beautifully presented.
Tea at the Royal Garden Party.

Having never seen the royals up close before, I was impressed at how carefully P. William listens to people.

The Yeomen of the the guard

Yeomen of the guard at Buckingham Palace Garden Party
Every so often the the Yeomen of the Guard marched through – I couldn’t quite work out why,

Talk at the IET

Simon gave a talk at the IET( Institute of Engineering and Technology) in Stevenage. The talk covered all aspects of the THREEDY printing experience, from a beginners to actually making real objects by the end of the talk . Going from concept to final product Simon designed (using SPACECLAIM) and manufactured some IET inscribed key rings, and printing the key rings live on a THREEDY by the end of the hour . The sandwiches were and coffee were good too. The talk discussed printing live hinges and flexible rubber type materials and also standard screw threads.

Cyclone Triple Lift Triple Track Marble Machine

What fun! One of our engineering customers has taken time off from business to print a marvellous fun object.

It is the “The Cyclone: triple lift, triple track marble machine” , by mroek, published 

It can be found at:

This one was printed in PETG and took about 23 hours to print and stands a fraction short of 160mm high.


Did you see our Threedy 3D printers at the TCT show in Birmingham?

We spent three days at the TCT show demonstrating our Threedy 3D printers.  It was good to catch up with some of our customers and meet new ones. There are lots of new and interesting plastics coming onto the market. We will be testing them over the next few weeks.  For the first time ever we did not take Old Faithful, (our final prototype Threedy machine). It is still going strong and is coming up to around 20,000 hours of running. Instead we were showcasing some of our newer, bigger machines which now include wi-fi connections making file transfer much easier.