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Talk at the IET

Simon gave a talk at the IET( Institute of Engineering and Technology) in Stevenage. The talk covered all aspects of the THREEDY printing experience, from a beginners to actually making real objects by the end of the talk . Going

Cyclone Triple Lift Triple Track Marble Machine

What fun! One of our engineering customers has taken time off from business to print a marvellous fun object. It is the “The Cyclone: triple lift, triple track marble machine” , by mroek, published Feb 15, 2016. It can be found at: This

RUBBER PLASTIC! It’s fantastic!

We have been printing with the FiberFlex. We love it.  It prints beautifully on our machines. We are printing waterproof and gasproof flexible membranes. Please follow us:

Did you see our Threedy 3D printers at the TCT show in Birmingham?

We spent three days at the TCT show demonstrating our Threedy 3D printers.  It was good to catch up with some of our customers and meet new ones. There are lots of new and interesting plastics coming onto the market.

How does Amazon get away with it?

We don’t sell a lot on Amazon as we tend to sell directly to people we have met in person. So I was shocked and horrified to discover false reviews on Amazon by someone pretending to be a customer of

Oh Deer

We have an additional task today at PuzzleShed HQ: nursing this baby deer back to good health (and hoping to find its mum to reunite them)   ps: THREEDY 3D Printers are NOT deer! Please follow us:

Meet our Design Supervisor

 PuzzleShed’s resident cat ready for work on this Friday morning.   Please follow us:

Mutual Improvement

Having used our CNC Step machine to make the boxes for our THREEDY 3D Printers, we are now using the THREEDY 3D printer to improve our CNC machine with this handy vacuum hose attachment. The attachment (printed by a THREEDY

Win A Snowball Puzzle

Would you like your very own four-piece take-apart snowball puzzle? Designed by Simon, printed (of course!) on a THREEDY 3D Printer Follow these simple steps to enter: 1. “Like” our Facebook page 2. Comment on our Snowball Post with your


This weekend THREEDY will be printing puzzles that could not be made any other way at MathsJam. We are looking forward to being fascinated by the 50 five minute talks, including Simon’s “Tetrahedrons Made Simple” . Please follow us: