Have you tried printing with metal?

Did yColorFabb bronzefillou know you don’t have to stick to plastic prints?

We have been trying out using ColorFabb‘s Bronzefill fillament.

Bronzefill is a composite filament; a mix of PLA/PHA and bronze particles. It can be a bit fiddly to use, but can produce good results. We hope to have pictures soon!

Here are some photos of Derek Bosch’s brilliant Helical Burr puzzle, printed by a THREEDY 3D Printer using Bronzefill and Brassfill. It weights a ton!! (or more accurately, approx. 800g – it is about 100 mm high)

11760339_10152906676306436_7134203487577066678_n 11060053_10152906676301436_2725070616104962068_n 11755734_10152906676296436_713299116877272059_n


The main problems in using metal-containing filaments tend to be due to their heat retaining properties; apply a large fan to keep your print cool!

Use one of THREEDY’s big nozzles for best results


Let us know what results you get if you have a go!

THREEDY 3D Printing Prosthetic Limbs

Talent 2030 Competition


A Fantastic Example of Using 3D Printers In Schools & Colleges606234064



Three A Level Physics students from St Francis’ College 3D Printer Club built a THREEDY 3D Printer from a kit last year. They then decided to incorporate the 3D printer into their Talent 2030 competition entry.


The students researched the growing usage of 3D printing in the medical industry, in particular prosthetic limbs. They produced their own 3D printed prosthetic hand, using information collected from their research and experimentation.

More information about this project can be found on this website produced by the students to document the result of their efforts.




Well done to Amy, Lauren & Milly on completion of a fantastic project. We really enjoyed looking at your website. Good luck with the competition!

Creative Students using THREEDY in Schools

We were recently sent these photographs by one of the schools who are making good use of their THREEDY 3D Printer.

cannybot   This “Cannybot” has a bluetooth brain – socannybot it can be controlled by a smartphone / tablet. The body was printed by a THREEDY 3D Printer.


  green man    yellow  blue

Have you created anything interesting recently? We’d love to see your pictures too! Please email info@puzzleshed.com.