The Digital Revolution: Every primary school should have THREEDY 3D Printers

Prepare children for the impact of the digital revolution (the “fourth industrial revolution”)

In The Digital Revolution, published by the Edge Foundation (9th May 2016) Lord Kenneth Baker, former education secretary and Chair of the Edge Foundation,  calls for radical action to prepare children for the the impact of the next industrial revolution.

ImageGen.ashxThe full report is available for download here

This report on the  Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on employment and education, was prompted by the Bank of England’s prediction that up to 15 million jobs are at risk of automation across the UK economy.

Lord Baker says ‘The economy is changing at an unprecedented pace. Every day, jobs are being lost in professions we used to regard as careers for life. Artificial intelligence, robots, 3D printing and driverless vehicles will impact on sectors as varied as the legal profession, transport and construction.’

From the report:

Future applications are limited only by our imagination, which makes it essential for children to learn to use 3D design and technology from primary level onwards.

The nature of making and doing must, of course, keep pace with the technological revolution: every primary school should have 3D printers, and computer science should be as common in schools as modern foreign languages because programming skills will be vital for many people in the future.

Lord Baker has set out an eight-point education plan which responds to the digital revolution, which includes providing 3D printers and design software for all primary schools.

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