THREEDY 3D Printer

THREEDY arrives ready to print, with spool of filament, tools & everything you need!

In a hurry to print? Just buy a ready made threedy_oval-1and you will be printing 30 minutes after opening the box!

threedy_oval-1engineers will assemble and test your printer in our assembly facility.

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Our assembled machine will typically ship within 10 days of your order.

Any questions please contact us and ask.

The specifications:


Print technology Fused Filament Fabrication (also known as FDM)
Build Volume

W 330mm x D 210mm x H 160mm
(11.8 liters)
In old money (W13″ x D8.25″ xH 6.25″)
(670 cubic inches)

Layer Resolution Adjustable 20 – 500 microns
Positional Accuracy XY 0.025mm, Z 0.001 mm
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm standard
Other nozzles .25m -0.8
Hardened nozzles for Carbon fibre and metalfil filaments
Stainless nozzles for chemically aggressive materials
Travel speed 1-350 mm/s
Print speed 10-250 mm/s (Acceleration more than adequate!)
Print surface Glass
Connectivity USB / SD-card stand alone
Print heads One.


Size  W 560mm x D 400mm x H 400 mmW 560mm x D 400mm x H 560 mm with optional lid
 Weight  18kg


 Slicing software Slic3r, KISSslicer and all other Reprap 5d firmware compatible slicers e.g. Repetier, Skeinforge
 Control software Printrun / Pronterface
 OS Support Windows  (7+)Mac OS X (10.6+)Linux
 Modelling Software  Any 3D modelling software capable of producing STL files or files capable of being converted to STL e.g. OpenScad, TurboCad, Rhino, Sketchup, Solidworks, AutoCad and many many more.


 AC Volts  100-250V, 50-60Hz
 Power usage  300W


Operating Temperature  11C-35C
 Storage Temperature  0C-35C
 Nozzle Temperature  Up to 350C
 Heated Build Plate  Up to 120C