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The Bathke™

Shape by Simon Bexfield & Robert Reid

© Simon Bexfield 2015

These Bathke shapes are formed from card and held together by magnets.

Put together 8 Bathkes to form a Triakis Truncated Tetrahedron

Put together 4 Bathkes to form a Rhombic Dodecahedron

Put together 2 Bathkes to form a “Bexahedron”

Available as a kit or fully assembled:

The folding set bathke kit includes full instructions with enough card and magnets to make eight bathkes.

The fully assembled set comprises eight assembled bathkes.

These bathkes were originally produced as an exchange for Gathering 4 Gardner (2010)

Designed by Simon Bexfield & Robert Reid

Additional information

Bathke Set

Bathke Kit (to fold 8 bathkes), Fully Assembled Bathkes (Set of 8)


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