Escape from the Bastille




‘Escape from the Bastille’ is a replica model of the original Bastille fortress with an internal maze. Your progress through the puzzle can be observed through the many windows but beware of shifting floors, one way passages and being sent back to the oubliette!

There are no loose pieces as everything is contained within the Bastille.

It was an exchange puzzle at the International Puzzle Party 39.


The man in the iron mask must make his way through a maze of corridors and down secret passageways to find his way to the Liberté window. There is no real liberty, however he can look out of the window and see his sweetheart walk along the Rue Saint-Antoine.
There is a secret passageway that hes dug through the basement of the Bastille but is is now guarded and the the guards shunt him straight back to the Oubliette if they find him there.
Be careful not to trip at the top of spiral staircase!

Designed by Simon Bexfield and printed on Threedy printers.



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