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If you are lucky enough to have received some of our Tetrahedral Shapes and are looking to check your answers to the questions, you have come to the right place! Need more copies of the handout? Download a pdf here: Ultram Er 200Mg Dosage



What is the volume of the tetrahedron?

The whole cube with the corners on the 1,1,1 and -1,-1,-1 co-ordinates has a volume of 8 (2 x 2 x 2). The volume of the tetrahedron is 1/3 of this, ie 8/3

What is the volume of the triakis tetrahedron?

16/3 (this is exactly twice the volume of the tetrahedron)

How many cuts do you need to cut a rectangular block of cheese into three equal amounts using

a) a straight knife?  4

b) a cheese wire? 2

We hope you enjoyed the puzzles. If you would like any further explanation of the answers, please comment below.

The shapes were all printed by a THREEDY 3D Printer. If you would like to know more about THREEDY 3D printers, please browse our Buy Ultram 200Mg. The printers are great for Ultram Tramadol 200Mg and we would be happy to visit you to demonstrate our printers, or deliver our 3D Printing workshop tailored to your students.

Please Generic Ultram 200Mg to book a visit, or if you’d like any more information.

Ultram Er 200 Mg Side Effects, Ultram Online Mastercard