How do I design something to 3D print?

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Your 3D printer is no use unless you have something for it to print! You need a 3D model file. You may wish to download a model, but if you are feeling creative or need to make something specific that isn’t available elsewhere (after all, that is surely one of the joys of 3D printing – to be original and design your own) you need to start by creating your own 3D model.

The first step is to create a 3D model. This is done by “drawing” it using 3D modelling software on your computer. This will need to be saved in .stl file format.

Once you have a 3D model design, it needs to be converted into printing instructions for your THREEDY 3D printer. This is done using slicing software, which “slices” the model in the STL file into horizontal layers (slices) and generates G-code, which provides the instructions to your THREEDY 3D Printer.

Finally – transfer the G-code to your THREEDY printer on an SD Card and you are ready to print.

Get Creative! Have fun!

Do keep in touch – we would love to see what you have been printing on your THREEDY 3D printer!








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