How do I change the filament?

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To change the filament the nozzle must be heated. Use the menu option “Control -> temperature -> nozzle”.  Set the temperature to “220C” or a value appropriate for your plastic type.

Lift the black rubber filament grip which is in the middle of the left hand side panel of the Threedy. Remove the white filament feeder tube from the hot end. To do this simultaneously press down on the small black disc and gently pull the white tube out. With a pair of scissors snip the end of the plastic filament (not the white tube!) to remove any melted parts. Pull the plastic filament back through the tube from the spool end and remove the old spool.

Put your new spool into your Threedy. Check that the end of your filament is cleanly cut and hread it through the filament guide tube which is underneath the extruder unit. Push the filament all the way through the white tube until 7cm is poking out from the end. Push the filament and the tube back into the black connector.  Push the black rubber filament grip back down to engage the filament drive wheel.
To test the plastic filament select the menu option “prepare -> move axis -> move 0.1mm ->extruder” and turn the dial to the right until the plastic comes out of the nozzle.  After a change of colour you may need to push through a small amount of plastic to ensure no residue of the previous colour remains.

Finally, turn the nozzle heater off by setting the temperature to zero degrees by using the method above ( “Control -> temperature -> nozzle”. Set the temperature to 220C) or by selecting the menu option “prepare -> cool down”.

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