How do I adjust/level the platform?

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If the first layer of your print is not sticking to the surface or is not appearing correctly this may be because your platform is not level or your nozzle is the wrong distance from the platform.
Select the menu option “Prepare -> Auto Home -> Disable steppers.”  Carefully grip the nozzle unit and move it so that it is directly over the back left platform supporting screw. Take a standard piece of paper and slide it between the platform and the nozzle. Ideally the nozzle should very lightly grip the paper.  To ensure this is happening use the back left adjuster screw to move the platform up or down.  Then move the nozzle unit so that it is over the back right hand screw and repeat the adjustment operation using the back right adjuster screw. Move the nozzle unit so that it is over the front screw and repeat the operation with the front adjuster screw. If your platform was badly out of alignment you may need do repeat this three step cycle a couple of times.
Finally you may wish to check that the whole platform is leveled correctly by moving the nozzle unit to various points and testing with your piece of paper.

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