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The founders of PuzzleShed Limited were keen puzzlers who wanted to design and build a 3D printer that excelled at building puzzles. Along the way they discovered that reliable, accurate and quick 3D printers appealed to many others groups too!

Simon Bexfield, the owner of PuzzleShed Ltd, has been a maker and designer all his life. Over twenty years ago he built a large scale 2D plotter and, as well as being passionate about 3D printing, Simon is also a CNC enthusiast. Simon has printed many puzzles on his THREEDY. His first puzzle printed in Nylon, “Perplexing Pyramid” was a Puzzler’s Award Top Ten Winner in the Buy Cheap Ultram Cod

Steve Nicholls has since left the business.

We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us by your preferred method (see contact details on the right of this page) or get in touch via our Ultram 200Mg