Month: April 2016

Spalding Model Engineering & Hobby Show

Did you see us at Springfields this weekend? We enjoyed chatting to lots of interesting people, and demonstrating THREEDY 3D printers at Spalding Model Engineering & Hobby Show 2016. Simon met some marvellous students from Boston Grammar School (and hopefully

Make My Dreams Come True

Following on from our previous post, here is our newest THREEDY Self Construct Button © Please follow us:

See Us In Spalding This Weekend

This weekend we will be at Spalding Model Engineering & Hobby Show Come and see our 3D printers in action! Look out for Simon – he will be happy to answer any of your 3D printing questions. Please follow us:

Bathkes, Bexahedrons & Triakis Truncated Tetrahedrons

Simon is back from Atlanta, having had a great time at G4G 12 Several THREEDY 3D printers spent a couple of days batch printing 1000 shapes for Simon’s G4G 2016 Exchange: an introduction to Join-The-Dot-Geometry™   Please follow us:

Coming soon for schools…

Join-The-Dot Geometry ™ sessions Further details to follow! Please follow us: