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We wish all of our customers, friends and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. love from all at THREEDY We will be back in 2016! Please follow us:

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Can you name all of these churches? (follow the link to open the puzzle in a pdf file) Bonus points if you are able to send photographs of yourself in front of some of them! Christmas Churches Puzzle 2015 The

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We were recently sent these photographs by one of the schools who are making good use of their THREEDY 3D Printer.    This “Cannybot” has a bluetooth brain – so it can be controlled by a smartphone / tablet. The

Ultram Dosage 37.5

Have you seen our Ezi-gami Shape on Facebook & Twitter? NAME THIS SHAPE on either our Facebook & Twitter posts. The winner will be drawn from the correct answers on Friday 4th December at 10 am and will receive an Ezi-gami