Month: July 2015

Need To Hold Your Door Open?

Then print out a handy little door clip Please follow us:

Why you didn’t find us on KICKSTARTER

We want the people who share in using and developing our machines to benefit from our profits. This can happen by our own “Crowd Sourcing” option – offering shares in our company to those who positively input to it. Why

Photos From Mars

(STEM Fair at Duxford) The Alien artefact, discovered beneath the Concorde (which also appeared to have got lost and landed on Mars, alongside the students)   Solving the puzzles to make the power cubes, required to avoid self-destruction of the

What will you print with yours?

Here are some more pics of some of our creations. We would love to see what you have printed with your THREEDY 3D Printer – send in your pics to Please follow us:

Cool Under Concorde

Wednesday was the hottest July day ever recorded in the UK. We didn’t mind, as we kept out of the sunshine at the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Fair. Having decoded the Alien’s messages, Year 9 and 10 pupils